History of Company

ComproTax was founded in 1982.  The initial Founder was Jackie Mayfield with two Co-Founders Yusuf Muhammad and Craig D. Johnson.  Though we came from varying backgrounds, our paths crossed as we aggressively sold insurance to the people in southeast Texas and Louisiana.  We each recognized that people in general were not served well financially by the typical life insurance agent or by many tax professionals.  Thus, ComproTax started with the idea of providing excellent, courteous, and professional service in the area of Tax Preparation and other financial services.  We would do this by developing self-employed tax professionals who in turn would provide services to the general public using the ComproTax brand.  ComproTax,Inc.'s first home office was downtown Beaumont Texas on liberty street, then in 1984 we purchased a second home office at 999 South Fourth street, Beaumont,Texas and now we are located at the beautiful Compro Event Center at 4155 W.Cardinal Drive Suite A, Beaumont, Texas.

The idea was to facilitate the self-employed tax professional to reach a pinnacle of success without making a major initial investment to start a tax preparation business. This was accomplished by giving to them “Provisional Time to Grow” so that they would be helped along the way with Business Consulting from various up-line managers called Sub-Brokers and Brokers with apprentice levels in between.  The up-line managers are compensated for their consulting and coaching self-employed tax preparers and receive commission overrides from the production that is done by the self-employed tax preparers doing tax returns and bookkeeping.  The initial monetary investment to pay for business coaching and provisional-time-to-grow could be in the tens of thousands of dollars which would ordinarily make going into business cost prohibitive.  The only time the business coach (Sub-Brokers and Brokers) get paid, is when the self employed tax preparer becomes successful. Initially, as the self-employed preparer is becoming productive and successful, the override paid to the business coaches is not enough to properly compensate the coaches for the time spent with the preparer.  Once the preparer is successful, then the business coach will be properly compensated through the override system.

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